Fast Fix High Temperature Spray Adhesive Per Can x 500ml


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Fast-Fix High Temperature 120°C is an exceptionally powerful heat resistant spray adhesive specially formulated not to soften and release when exposed to high temperatures.

Fast Fix High Temperature 120°C can be used in wide range of applications including:

Van Conversions, Marine Upholstery, Vehicle Restoration.

Fast-Fix High Temperatures 120°C spray adhesive properties are particularly suited for the bonding of:

Headlinings, Foam, Leather, Lining carpet,  Flooring carpet, Felts, Fabrics, Rubber and Polythene

to substrates such as Wood, Concrete, Metal, Plastic.

How to Use

Fast-Fix is extremely easy to apply, firstly ensure that surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from any contaminants. Spray the adhesive in a uniform coating from approximately 25cm (10 inches). For applications on porous materials, or for maximum strength adhesion, coat both surfaces. Allow1-2 minutes for the solvents to evaporate. Press together firmly, working from the centre outwards to achieve a good bond. For best results the adhesive should be used at temperatures between 15°C-25°C and stored at temperatures between 10°C-20°C. Any excess adhesive may be removed with our Solvent Cleaner.

This product can not be sent by Royal mail due to its hazadous nature. So will be sent by courier

Note: Fast-Fix is not suitable to use on the following:

Heavily plasticized PVC vinyl.



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