1L Contact-Fix AHT100 Contact Adhesive - Sprayable


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CONTACT-FIX AHT100 is an automotive grade brush-able or spray-able, high heat resistant contact adhesive exhibiting fast solvent flash off and a long open tack time.

It demonstrates excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as:

wood, carpet, leather, vinyl, decorative laminates, polyurethane foam, elastomers, plastics and metals.

Can be sprayed using a 1.8mm-2.1mm nozzle or applied with a suitable brush.

Bonds are resistant to moisture, dilute acids and alkali, and many oils.

Base: Polychloroprene

Colour: Natural

Temperature Resistance: >100ºC

Coverage: 3m2 per litre

Cleaner: CGT Thinner (available in our shop)

NB: Some Flexible P.V.C Vinyl's contain large quantities of plasticizers which can soften the adhesive. If unsure please test.

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