Thermozite Plus Insulation (10m+) Per M x 1.22m Wide


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Thermozite Plus is a superior heat and sound barrier which combines impressive fire retardant properties and light weight flexible construction. Thermozite Plus features sophisticated Eco-Fi™ fibre technology sandwiched between two surfaces of heavy duty reinforced Mylar foil.  Ideal for Automotive, Commercial, Marine and Aerospace applications.


Can be cut easily with scissors or knife.

Light weight and pliable.

Minimizes vibrations and absorbs sound waves to reduce road noise.

Can be handled without gloves.

Ideal for engine bays, bulk heads & firewalls. Inside door, roof and side panels.

Roll Width: 1.22m

Roll length: Minimum of 10m at this price. Please enter the the amount of metres you require in the quantity box.

Thickenss: 8mm

F.R Rated



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