Alton+ Grey Smooth Grain Vinyl Per M x 1.4m Wide


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Alton+ is a high quality smooth grained stretch vinyl with soft feel properties ideal for automotive applications such as: seating, door panels, dashboards and other trim panels.

Smooth grain pattern and good stretch properties enables the user to wrap around tighter corners. 

Extensive quality control and testing during manufacture ensures each product exceeds industry abrasion and UV resistance tests.

Can be glued using our Contact Fix AHT100 or AXT290 brush on adhesives. In some flat panel applications you can use our Fast Fix Xtreme AXT29 spray adhesive or CelsiFix canister contact adhesive systems. Please call for more specific adhesive details.

Roll width: 1.4m

Roll length: Please enter the amount of metres you require in the quantity box.

Thickness: 1.1mm

Colour: Grey

Flame Retardant: DIN 75200 ISO 3795 FMVSS302.

Colour for indication purposes only, actual product colour may differ.

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