Primer-Sealer PS1 - 1L - Substrate Primer


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PS1 is a highly effective brush or roller applied primer - sealer for use on porous and difficult to bond too substrates. It acts as a barrier coat to avoid contaminants present in panels & parts from softening the bond of contact adhesives. We highly recommend PS1 when re-trimming Jaguar headlining boards as we have found these problematic.

Other difficult substrates can include:

composite headlining boards, compressed fibre board, hardboard, some plastics and woods.

PS1 forms a tough and flexible plastic coating that has excellent adhesion to most materials and provides the ultimate base layer for the subsequent application of contact adhesive.

Please Note: Suitable hand, eye and breathing protection must be worn when using this product.

Contains: 4,4' Diphenylmethdiisocynate and isomers

Colour: Transparent amber

Coverage: 200ml per m2

Size: 1L

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