Contact Fix ALS52 Low Solvent Contact Adhesive 1L


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CONTACT FIX LOW SOLVENT ALS52 is a premium grade, low solvent, easily spreadable adhesive which has been specifically formulated to give minimum cell attack on the surface of expanded polystyrene when used as detailed in the product data sheet.

Developed for bonding all types of thermal insulation materials (especially expanded polystyrene) to painted and unpainted steel, aluminium and galvanized surfaces. It also has good adhesion to wood, composites, plasterboard and concrete and can bond carpeting, rubber mats, felt and fabrics. This adhesives temperature resistance is limited to 50ºC so it should not be used in engine bays or areas subject to high temperatures such as headlinings and dashboards.

Base: Polychloroprene

Colour: Natural

Temperature Resistance: 50ºC

Coverage: 3-4m2 per litre

Cleaner: CGT Thinner (available in our shop)

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