12 Cans of Fast Fix High Temperature Spray Adhesive x 500ml


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Fast-Fix High Temperature 120°C is an exceptionally powerful heat resistant spray adhesive specially formulated not to soften and release when exposed to high temperatures.

Fast Fix High Temperature 120°C can be used in wide range of applications including:

Van Conversions, Marine Upholstery, Vehicle Restoration.

Fast-Fix Hi-Temperature 120°C spray adhesive properties are particularly suited for the bonding of:

Headlinings, Foam, Leather, Lining carpet,  Flooring carpet, Felts, Fabrics, Rubber and Polythene

to substrates such as Wood, Concrete, Metal, Plastic.

Coverage is approximately 3.5m2 per can

How to Use

Fast-Fix is extremely easy to apply, firstly ensure that surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from any contaminants. Spray the adhesive in a uniform coating from approximately 25cm (10 inches). For applications on porous materials, or for maximum strength adhesion, coat both surfaces. Allow1-2 minutes for the solvents to evaporate. Press together firmly, working from the centre outwards to achieve a good bond. For best results the adhesive should be used at temperatures between 15°C-25°C and stored at temperatures between 10°C-20°C. Any excess adhesive may be removed with our Solvent Cleaner.

Note: Fast-Fix is not suitable to use on the following:

Heavily plasticized PVC vinyl.



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