Clearance VW Place Seating Fabric Per Metre x 1.7m Wide


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Note: Clearance items are considerably cheaper due to slight defects in the product. Some materials can become damaged in storage or transportantion and whilst cannot be sold as first quality material they can still be used for smaller jobs that allow the customer to work around such defects. Clearance items may be 'end of roll' or contain creases, small marks, rough edges or iregular lengths.

VW Place fabric is a high quality original VW pattern and specification scrim backed seating fabric ideal for automotive re-trim applications such as:

front seating, rear bench seating and rock and roll beds.  

Extensive quality control and testing during manufacture ensures each product exceeds industry abrasion and UV resistance tests.

Roll width: 1.5m

Roll length: Please choose the length you require from the quantity box.

Thickness: 4.5mm

Colour: Grey with coloured shapes.

Flame Retardant: TL1010-SE.

Colour for indication purposes only, actual product colour may differ.

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